Marilynne (nakked_soul) wrote in lhs_dreadnaught,

For Sale

I have a 340 watt Jensen Power amp, Pioneer Radio, and two Super Q 12s for sale. 150$ for all of it. All of it works, I bought it not knowing my parnets are buying me a new system for my car for my 18th bday. I also have a radio that goes in the house, it works as well, only 15$ I just bought a new stero for my room an I don't need two of em! I have a T.V./VCR combo that's old but works as well for 30$ too.


I have a Fridge for 100$ it works really good, we just got a new one so we are getting rid of it.  And there is a dinning room table and three chairs for 30$ they are okay looking, kinda old but still nice. 

I would have pix of it all but my digi broke ;/ Get it so I can get the stuff outta my house! lol.

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at and my AIM is marisbackk

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